ColognAid is an antiseptic spray hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol content that effectively kills 99.99% germs while leaving hands clean, smooth and lightly fragranced with no sticky residue.

Our distinctive brand name is a combination of our promise: a healthy aid that is equally refreshing in fragrance.

ColognAid is available in two different sizes; 50ml and 100ml spray bottles for convenience. 

ColognAid can be used on any occasion, and can be repeated throughout the day without drying hands.

ColognAid comes in three different scent options that are all equally refreshing.

NAREM Natural Soaps are handcrafted, natural bar soaps embedded with an organic natural loofah.

NAREM Natural Soaps comes in two different varities; goats milk and aloe vera.

Our goats milk soap exfoliates and revitalizes with fatty acids that can help support healthy skin barrier to keep skin nourished and moisturized.

And our aloe vera soap nourishes with its skin lightening and soothing qualities. It helps to maintain a youthful, vital complexion and promotes skin elasticity. 

Our goal with NAREM Natural Soaps is to offer a healthy product that cleans gently yet thoroughly while promoting healthy, beautiful skin.

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