As the world comes to grips with the new normal, hygiene has become more important than ever. And while Cologne is nothing new, its antiseptic and refreshing properties have gained new and vital relevance.

Colognes have been a symbol of health and well being for centuries. During the 17th century, this ethanol-based product has been called “miracle water” and used by doctors for its healing and antiseptic properties.  In the late 19th century, cologne made its way into the Ottoman Empire and became an instant icon of hospitality and good health. In time cologne’s antiseptic qualities were outshined by its aromatics.

Today, due to its 80% alcohol content, cologne is regaining reputation as a disinfectant as demand for hygiene surges. And our aim with ColognAid is to offer instant hygiene and to simplify the lives of our families and our fellow human beings.

We are passionate about offering our unique hand sanitizer to people around the world in an effort to join the good fight.

We are hopeful for a clean, safe and comfortable future, and we aim to lift spirits up along the way.